Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Temple Democratic Socialists (An honest appeal to Socialism)

Once again we find ourselves with our hopes shattered against the rocks. Another Democratic President has sold this generation out. Huge student debt, lack of funding to health care, the creeping legal assault on women's rights, and the slashing of fundamental social programs. With a war on the New Deal consensus, liberalism has failed.

Years of blatant corporate political power and all out class warfare directed at the most vulnerable in society has left us with a moral responsibility. We have to win because no one else will step up to the plate. We didn't ask for this battle but we are going to end it.

Temple Democratic Socialists stands with the vulnerable in the society. Democracy in the workplace. Complete political, social, and economic freedom for all. We stand in defense of a woman's right to physical autonomy, the right of parents to be able to buy groceries for their kids despite an empty bank account, the right of a student to attend a high quality school without being chained to debt. As Democratic Socialists, we believe only through the expansion of democracy to the private economy, can we challenge power.

Challenging power has never been easy. I suspect it is lonely and filled with struggles. But we don't have a choice do we? Human dignity has never been a choice for us. Solidarity.

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